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Becoming a Member

By becoming a member of the Centre, you are concretely supporting a team that is devoted to its community. With your membership, we will be better equipped to orient immigrant women and all those in need to find their bearings, and improve the living conditions of women and their children. In addition, you will be informed of our activities and events. Thirty years of commitment, effort and support have enabled us to contribute to the social and economic integration of thousands of women – join us in the continuation of this legacy.

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Membership Privileges

  • Stay up to date on the Centre’s activities and be invited to participate in our events
  • Obtain reduced rates for certain activities
  • Benefit from the use of our drop-in daycare
  • Gain the right to vote at the annual general meeting

The mission of Afrique au Féminin is to work towards improving the living conditions of immigrant women in Quebec. An active member is any woman who adheres to the mission of the organization, is actively involved in the realization of its objectives, and respects its rules.

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