Our organization

Our History

Afrique au Féminin is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 and incorporated in 1988 by a group of professional women of African origin who were concerned with the difficulties of social and economic integration of women in their communities in their host society.

After two years of meeting in the Afrika Centre, the city granted them space in the Parc-Extension district in 1990. Although initially dedicated to immigrant women of African descent, Afrique au Féminin, in light of the ethnic diversity of the neighborhood, broadened its scope of intervention and became a meeting place for all women of various origins and their families. Thus, although its services are specifically geared towards women immigrants, the Centre is open to all women, regardless of age, language, color and religion.

Our Mission

Supporting immigrant women in improving their living conditions and facilitating their integration into Quebec. 

Who are we?

Afrique au Féminin is the unique Women’s Centre in Parc-Extension, a district located in the Centre-North borough of Montreal, where there is a high concentration of people from ethnocultural communities, almost 50% of whom are women facing various barriers of integration. The Centre is a place of meeting, belonging, socialization, mutual aid, solidarity, mentorship and action for all women in general and those from visible minorities, particularly those who are experiencing difficulties in their social process and economic integration in Quebec society and wanting to break their isolation.

Our orientations

Our orientations highlight the core values of our mission: identify the rights and duties of each women, the commitments of women to the organization, find a place where every women flourish and can express herself regardless her age, language, color, origin and religion.

Allow and consider the ideas and opinions of the members emitted during the decision making of the centre.
Popular Education
Showcasing the know-how, knowledge and experience gained from the country of origin.
Support immigrant women in improving their living conditions and facilitate their integration in Quebec, and fight for inequalities made to women.
Mutual support
Foster support, sharing, mentorship with women of all backgrounds.
With an attentive ear, listen to each woman, and make sure to understand what she has to say.
Increase participation, support empowerment and equip women to strengthen the democratic life of their community.
Offered as needed, and in the search for solutions to the difficulties identified as priorities.
Examples of accompaniment offered to women
  • General integration
  • Search for adequate and affordable housing
  • Support following a recent separation
  • Support for a family difficulty
  • Return to School Assessment
  • Interpretation (hospital, bank, school, immigration)
  • Integration into working life following hospitalization due to health problems
  • Etc.
refer to the appropriate resources.
Active participation in achieving goals and refer to varying degrees the decision-making processes within the organization.
Believe in the potential of know-how, and value the knowledge and experiences acquired by each woman.
Be responsible for your well-being, and have the necessary means to equip and stimulate each creativity to facilitate social integration.
Being punctual and diligent at meetings, observing the flow of conversation and making sure others are encouraged to speak.
Promote open and honest communication to increase the effectiveness of our actions.
Team spirit and positive attitude
Open our hearts and our doors to all women. Put ourselves in each other’s shoes to better understand each situation to offer personalized support.
Everything that is said here stays here.

Our values

Equality, respect, openness and solidarity are the values that characterize women’s centres. There is also a warm welcome and an absolute confidence in women’s ability to manage their lives in Afrique au Féminin. Afrique au Féminin is made up of a dynamic and active team of committed women including women workers, resource persons, volunteers and trainees in various committees and services. We work together so that every woman who comes to the centre can find personalized support while participating in a movement, a collective vision of equality, justice and equity for all!

Afrique au Féminin is a place of mutual help, sharing, involvement, education and solidarity actions. We offer women of immigrant background a place to live and a welcoming environment.

Our goals

  • Welcome, inform and refer women to appropriate resources as needed;
  • Ensure active listening to women;
  • Break the isolation of immigrant women and foster their integration into the host society;
  • Provide a meeting place and exchange for women to enhance their self-esteem;
  • Fight against exclusion, poverty and all forms of violence against women and their children;
  • Defend and promote the rights and interests of women;
  • Give women tools to regain power over their lives and facilitate their social and economic integration.