Here is a collection of lovely words left for us by previous interns, donors and clients:

Hi, my name is Annabelle and I am 12 years old. I recently won a contest with Never Apart Montreal and The Wiggle Festival and decided to donate some of the prize to your organization to help Montreal women and their families. Have a great day!

– Annabelle, our youngest donor!

Grand-mother, aunties, sisters and cousins – these strong, black women in my family have given me so much and influenced the person I am today. May this donation bring some comfort to the incredible women and their families that you help.

– Anonymous donor

I am a daughter of greek immigrants, and although I am not black, I married a black man and I have 3 biracial children. I eventually became a low income single mother and raised my kids on my own with no financial help. I grew up in Park Ex. It was a great place to grow up, with every ethnicity you can imagine; I loved it.  I can never fully comprehend how systematic racism affects people of colour as I am white, but I fully stand with the black community and want to help in the small way that I can by funding your organization, because you help immigrant women of colour. Thank you for what you do and I wish you continued success.
- Kathy

“I appreciate the work you are doing & see it’s vital importance in community.


– Moe Clark, donor

Congratulations to the AAF team, who make a real difference in our community. As a volunteer, I have had the chance to get to know this wonderful team and to make new connections with my neighbours, the residents of Parc-Extension.

Nadia Koukoui, volunteer and resident of Parc-Ex

The Himalaya Seniors of Quebec (HSQ) and Afrique au Féminin have been working together in Parc-Extension with a very good relationship for more than twenty years. The Himalaya Seniors of Quebec (HSQ) and The Pakistan Organization of Quebec (POQ) are jointly recognizing Afrique au Féminin for all the good, hard work that they are do every Tuesday of the week from 10:00am to 05:00pm, standing in the open space of 419 Saint-Roch at Durocher Street (whether it is hot or cold, windy or raining) and distributing food baskets for the residents of Parc-Extension. Due to COVID-19, the government is asking the citizens to stay at home, but the volunteers of Afrique au Féminin are arranging and providing food baskets for everybody at the risk of their own lives. The volunteers of Afrique au Féminin are working very hard from Monday to Wednesday every week for the residents of Parc-Extension in need.

The Himalaya Seniors of Quebec (HSQ) and Afrique au Féminin have worked together for long time. In case you need our support, we are at your service anytime. Please accept our hearty congratulation on your hard work and hope you will continue until the end of COVID-19.

We also congratulate you at the success of your mission.

Best regards.

Nizam Uddin, collaborator