We offer a wide variety of services that promote the autonomy of women and that help them break their isolation. Discover our services, workshops and courses, as well as our sociocultural outings!

Our services


Afrique au Féminin welcomes women aged 18 and over, and is accessible to all, regardless of religion, status, or nationality. All women are welcome, whatever their request, difficulty or condition.


The center is a place where we inform women of the right to be themselves, the right and freedom to express themselves safely, a place of peace, joy and friendship. We also offer the opportunity for women to take their place, assert themselves, claim and know their rights, in all areas.

Active listening

The center offers an active listening service to women, giving them the opportunity to communicate in confidence. We bring them to express themselves on different topics, to share their concerns and their needs.


The workers are happy to help all the women. They provide the necessary support, guide and refer women to the appropriate resources.


This francization and integration program is for immigrant women, newcomers who have come to settle in Quebec. It is a dynamic and enriching program. Customized francization courses allow women who have a beginner or intermediate level in French to improve their knowledge of the language.

French learning workshops

The French language learning workshops are dedicated to new immigrant women, with the goal of promoting the development and understanding of the spoken language, phonetics, conjugation, expression and fostering the pursuit of integration into Quebec society. The content of the workshop focuses on various communication situations, and aims to give students the oral character of the French language, deepening both meaning and sound.

Food bank

In partnership with Moisson Montreal, this service runs every Tuesday from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Furniture Troubleshooting

Afrique au Féminin distributes every Thursday furniture to newly arrived families or those facing urgent furniture needs.

Tax Clinic

Afrique au Féminin contributes to the maintenance of a fair and equitable tax system by providing valuable assistance to low-income people in the community and Montreal in general. Families receive the deductions and tax credits to which they are entitled. Each family should have an income of less than $ 25,000. (Revenu Québec and Canada).


This service is available to families with young children and is open between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm. It allows newcomers to take courses in francization and to help them increase their chances on the job market. It also helps women who, for various reasons, need parental respite, emergency help, and so on.


Throughout its thirty years of history, Afrique au Féminin intervenes individually with women in the city by contributing to the individual and professional development of women in a safe environment.

Home visits

The center makes home visits to women in difficulty, women sick and those who have given birth. These visits are very appreciated because they allow us to know better, to understand the strengths, the difficulties and the daily reality of the woman. Moral and material assistance and encouragement are provided to promote well-being and break the isolation.


Thematic workshops
These workshops touch on various topics of interest to women and aim to strengthen the knowledge and skills that promote women’s economic, social and cultural autonomy. The main objectives of these workshops are: To sensitize women to the political, social and economic realities that influence the living conditions of women here and elsewhere and promote critical reflection on the issues facing women and enable women to have an individual and collective awareness of their living conditions.
Women in the Daily
Afrique au Féminin offers immigrant women a series of coffee-meetings to better equip them and inform them on subjects that promote their integration and adaptation to Montreal society, and to create an intercultural rapprochement between immigrant women from visible minorities. Women daily are an opportunity for women to learn and express themselves in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Training courses

Creative Arts Workshops

Afrique au Féminin offers a variety of activities as well as an annual talent exchange event. We offer five creative workshops: crochet and knitting, jewelry creation, embroidery, sewing and DIY.

Introduction to Computer Science

This course is an opportunity to gain basic computer skills and learn more about new technologies. You will be introduced to basic programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Intercultural Cuisine

Join us to cook new recipes with seasonal foods as a group,  bringing together women from different backgrounds around a dish. Participants have the opportunity to learn how to cook a dish from a different country each session.

Women's Yoga

Basic yoga classes are offered for one hour each week, in a peaceful, non-competitive environment. These classes do not require any yoga experience or special skills – all are welcome to join!

Collective Mobilization

We attend each mobilization according to the sensitization of the community partner groups.

Sociocultural Outings

Afrique au Féminin, organizes every year several outings to allow families to spend beautiful moments as: Urban Outlets, sugar shack, picnics, apples picking, etc.

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