We are very proud to be able to present to you our new home. After a long search for a suitable space that could accommodate our evolving needs, Afrique au Féminin has acquired 8305 DUROCHER.

Previously a commercial building in a quiet corner of Parc-Extension, 8305 DUROCHER has the potential to transform into a location that will allow us to serve our community to the best of our ability. 

But we need your help to make this dream a reality. 

A Growing Impact…


I see this as an opportunity to create a centre in which women leave stronger and more empowered than when they came in. A centre where women can rely on us for assistance and a place that women can call home in times of difficulty. Social support is a true healing power. As someone who has worked with Afrique au Féminin as a volunteer and now a part-time employee, I’ve grown so attached to the organization and its staff, not only because the women there feel like family, but because I am completely inspired by the revolutionary work they are doing.

Leonora Indira King
Former coordinator of the Rapprochement Femmes project at Afrique au Féminin, founder of the Curry Collective in Parc-Extension and community organizer.


I imagine this new centre as a shelter, a refuge in times of difficulty, a place to meet, to learn new skills or experiences, to share moments of celebration and intimate discussion, to discover other cultures, to network and to be advised by mentors. I have seen the impact of Afrique au Féminin in the lives of the women I accompanied in the PAM program last year: new-found confidence, freedom of expression, the pleasure of being together and sharing! A new, larger centre in the northern part of the neighbourhood would better accommodate the women of Parc-Extension.

Tatiana Burtin
Former coordinator of Afrique au Féminin’s PAM (Parents Agents Multiplicateurs) project.

Afrique au Féminin is the primary organization in Parc-Extension that opens the door to Quebec for newly arrived women. Despite its name, Afrique au Féminin welcomes all women through a variety of programs and responds to the needs of families in the neighbourhood with weekly food baskets, French classes and leadership activities that add value their skills. As an organization, Afrique au Féminin has been able to adapt to the changing realities of the neighbourhood, Quebec, and the waves of migration. This project will be a place where women will be able to blossom and take flight with all the tools they need.

Giuliana Fumagalli
Mayor of Villeray-Saint-Michel-Parc Extension from 2017 to 2021

Afrique Féminin is a pillar of our community. Since 1986, the organization has improved the social conditions of the residents of Parc-Extension and actively contributed to the transformation of Québec society. Furthermore, the organization works in collaboration with many groups and institutions. The expertise developed by Afrique au Féminin over the decades is a guarantee of the success of all its projects. The demand for this expertise continues to grow within Parc-Extension; an expansion of Afrique au Féminin’s services through the purchase and renovation of a new facility is therefore vital to the health of the community.

Andrés Fontecilla
Provincial Member of Parliament (MP) for Laurier-Dorion

Afrique au Féminin is the organization in Parc-Extension that is closest to marginalized residents, including low income women and their families. It is also the organization that brings people together; all the community organizations in Parc-Extension look to Afrique au Féminin for leadership. A new centre for Afrique au Féminin is essential because community groups rely on the space for childcare, social services, popular education and the food bank. Acquiring a new facility shows the organization is looking ahead in order to provide for residents long-term.

Faiz Abhuani
Director of Brique par Brique